F&G Mechanical combines its expertise in extensive 3D CAD and the BIM process into a leading-edge technology. The ability to coordinate three major trades – HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection under one roof has allowed for seamless shop drawing production, fabrication, and installation of all project components.

Our expertise has made us an industry leader in technology based design, fabrication, and the coordination process.

 Our CAD department is capable of:

  • Participating or leading the coordination process for any project
  • Generating precise shop drawings for submittal, as well as construction.
  • Implementating laser scanning technology to accurately field measure millions of points in an effort to collect as much accurate information in the shortest amount of time. This collection of data translates to more accurate fabrication drawings and as a result, faster, more precise field installations.
  • Using our robotic total stations are the key to our precise layout for sleeves, hangers, as well as field verification of any measurements. These machines are capable of dramatically increasing accuracy and productivity.
  • Providing accurate and detailed material lists for precise ordering and less wasted material.
  • Delivering precise fabrication sheets to any of our fabrication shops.
  • Designing hangers and supports, large and small.  
  • Utilizing software such as online meetings and cloud based storage to manage project files to maintain an all access for all information process on all projects.

The resources have process and downtimes mirroring real plant conditions. Once the system is accurately modeled, we can perform real time statistical analysis to predict any number of properties related to the model. We may also change the design to optimize the system, providing the customer with the most efficient system for the investment.

Once the model is complete, we can build fly-through video clips of the plant for presentations. At F&G Mechanical, we

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take the advantages of simulation to an even higher plateau.

The equipment/system design developed in the model serves a 3D BIM template for actual construction drawings.

Through simulation, we are able to resolve constructability issues "up front," which can result in tremendous overall savings for the customer.

Benefits of Modeling

  • Production capacity maximized before capital investment made
  • Confidence of capacities and utilization gained before construction
  • 3D animation for discussion, presentation and training
  • Determine resource requirements
  • Bottleneck identification and elimination
  • Elevated Pre-Fab Modular Construction

We combine our own expertise with that of EMCOR’s over 300 CAD qualified personnel who have worked on a wide array of BIM-driven and other construction projects. These highly trained CAD personnel are skilled on all of the leading software platforms and experienced in integrated project delivery.

Contact us today to learn how our advanced construction technology experience can be put to work for you.