Piping Fabrication

A distinct advantage of the F&G team is our in-house planning department and fabrication facilities.

Delivery of coordinated drawings and prefab materials aids in helping to improve the contract schedule and critical-path work activities for your project.

F&G Mechanical specializes in the fabrication and installation of mechanical and plumbing systems. 

F&G is a UA Yellow label fabrication shop. Our leading-edge piping, and plumbing fabrication shops are over 25,000 sq.ft  and manufacture a wide range of high quality piping systems designed to fit accurately for efficient installation and long-lasting performance. Since we build in-house under a controlled environment we deliver a safer, more precise product while maintaining maximum safety on and off the jobsite.

Any material or method of piping is capable under the strict supervision of our fabrication team. All piping fabrication is kept under a rigorous quality control standard and is streamlined to save time and money during the entire process from delivery of raw materials to fabrication. The climate controlled facility enables year round fabrication.

Both facilities are equipped with an overhead rail crane allowing large pipe to be moved, aligned, and setup for fabrication. The cranes also allow fabrication of large sections of pipe to be assembled and rigged on to the tractor trailers for shipment to jobsites.

Our HVAC shop has fabricated piping systems up to 48” in diameter  and has delivered extremely complex fabrication to sites to avoid field welding. The assembly of double wall containment piping in house provides us the ability to deliver complex systems ahead of a typical vendor lead time.     

Our plumbing shop is equipped to handle all aspects of fabrication. It is able to produce repetitive components mainly used in high rise apartment and condominiums as well as 

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all forms of distribution piping, multi fixture fabrication, and sanitary assemblies to make our projects more safe and efficient.


On an annual basis F&G Mechanical’s Fabrication Shops produce, complete, assemble, use, load or log:

  • 100 Miles of Pipe
  • 20 Tons of Structural Steel
  • 10,000 Carbon Steel Welds
  • 1000 Stainless Steel Welds
  • 300 Skids
  • 300 Outbound Trucks
  • 10,000 Gallons of Gasses ( Argon, Oxygen, Acetylene)
  • 5000 Pounds of Spools of Wire
  • 52,000 Man Hours

Contact us to learn more about our piping fabrication capabilities and what they can bring to your plumbing installation upgrade or retrofit.