Design-Build Construction Engineering

F&G Mechanical, a fully integrated design-build organization, delivers complete design and construction under one contract with a single point of responsibility. Design-Build is proven to reduce project schedules up to 30% versus traditional design-bid-build method and it produces cost savings of up to 10%.  

With F&G Mechanical, you have clear, open access to the people on your design/build project. You know exactly where to go for answers and you know what things cost and when they will be delivered. Our engineers will work to find the most cost-effective design/build solutions for your unique specifications.

Design-Build Advantages

  • Accelerated Project Completion
  • Engineering and Construction Synergy
  • Early Knowledge of Project Costs
  • Continuous Value Engineering
  • Constructability Design
  • Streamlined Communication and Partnering
  • Single-Source Responsibility
  • Reduced Owner's Risk
  • Streamlined Control of Quality and Schedule
  • Reduced Owner Coordination Cost
  • Extensive Modular Prefabrication
  • Avoidance of Double Markups with Multiple Contractors
  • Fiscal Strength
  • Improved Profitability of Plant
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From Concepts to Reality

Our innovative design-build experts can help you transform concepts into reality. At the beginning of a design-build and installation project, we sit down with you and perform a complete analysis of the project's location, design, size, and use so we can create the most effective system—one that is user friendly and accommodates your needs both now and in the future.

Using advanced computer-aided design (CAD) technology and professional construction management techniques, we resolve constructability issues before they become expenses. Our awareness of your schedule and budget is a big part of our design-build services program. And during the project, we help control costs by reducing administrative burdens and improving risk management.

Contact us to discover what our design-build experts can do for you.