Preventive Maintenance

We understand that regular preventive maintenance procedures are a key part in making sure that equipment failures and downtime don’t bring your business to a standstill. That’s why we support our installation and retrofit services with round-the-clock maintenance services.

Our experts can perform regular preventive maintenance procedures that will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve taken the right measures to avoid power failures and the disruptions that can result.

We perform detailed infrared scans of your equipment that provide sophisticated analyses of “hot spots” –sites of impending failures. You can then address serious issues before they lead to disaster. And, by storing and periodically comparing these images, we can detect developing problems in time for you to address them and avoid safety hazards, costly business interruptions, and expensive repairs.

Preventive Maintenance Benefits

  • Minimal impact from unanticipated equipment failures and power disruptions
  • Fast, accurate, and comprehensive checks of all your equipment
  • Closure of gaps in your existing maintenance program
  • Scheduled parts replacements and repairs that minimize downtime and help control costs
  • Rapid emergency response to ensure consistent, reliable power
  • Potential property insurance savings
  • Improved safety, reliability, and efficiency

We know that preventive maintenance is key in getting the most out of your equipment investment. That’s why our service offerings don’t end with design and installation.

Contact us today to learn how preventive maintenance from F&G can help keep you in business.