From routine installations to fast-track, complex design/build systems, our plumbing division has the resources and manpower to meet your project's requirements.

Your project is handled by our own highly skilled plumbers as we never subcontract out work. Our plumbers are union members and on-going training keeps them current with the changing marketplace.

Even our foremen, project engineers, and managers have in-depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of the trade.

You are assured all plumbing installations will conform to the latest codes and regulations, including the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

Our in-house engineering department can provide you with complete design/build capabilities as well as shop drawings. We maintain fully stocked parts and piping inventory and full fabrication facility to meet your most demanding needs. We even coordinate the work schedule with your other contractors or clients to get the job done right without delays or interruptions. If the project necessitates bonding, F&G can easily obtain it.

We know you can choose from numerous plumbing contracting firms in the area, but none will have the extensive track record and service reputation that we do for successfully completing projects on time and on budget using skilled craftsmen and quality materials. Just talk to any of our customers—they are our best endorsement!

On-Going Maintenance & Service

F&G’s reliable, responsive plumbing services team can keep drainage and sewage systems trouble free, while satisfying stringent local health and safety regulations. Our fully licensed experts are certified to perform a full range of plumbing services, including gas line fusing and medical gas system installation.

Our experts can check your line's location and condition with video cameras for effective preventive maintenance as well as rapid problem identification and resolution.

When obstructions do occur, we have a complete assortment of auger sizes to clear your system quickly and get it flowing smoothly again. Our goal is always the same – to service, maintain, and ensure the reliability of your facility's plumbing systems.

Our diversified commercial and industrial plumbing design experience allows us to complete multi-disciplined and unique plumbing services for high-rise residential, commercial office buildings, industrial, and medical facilities; schools and multi-story buildings. We specialize in sovent re-design found in multi-story high rises—proving that no job is too big or too complex.

In addition, our team can use the latest technologies to simulate your building’s peak demand periods, so we can properly size and route supply and disposal piping systems.

The customized plumbing solutions you will receive from us will accommodate your space requirements, existing piping systems, and current equipment. Whether we’re installing new plumbing systems or retrofitting your existing system, you can count on us to get the job done correctly and efficiently without disrupting your normal operations.

Contact us to see what our plumbing services team can do for your facility.